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1 、加盟申请

2 、双方洽谈

3 、加盟签约

4 、店面筹备

5 、加盟指导

6 、加盟验收

7 、物流配送

8 、加盟跟进


1, join the application

Franchisee first understand the corporate culture , the company's products, brand profiles and joining the initial understanding of information. If there is a certain intention, you can call, fax, etc. to join the matter to the headquarters.


2, the two sides negotiate

The company assesses the franchisee, through the initial assessment, joined the business personal documents to the company headquarters, the two sides negotiate, consultation, inspection, confirmed the intention to join, the headquarters of the audit to give a clear answer.


3, joined the contract

Joining the contract is based on mutual benefit, equality and voluntariness, the principle of a win-win situation, signed a formal contract to join, clear the two sides responsibility, rights, benefits cooperation details. On behalf of the franchisee to handle the relevant procedures, the headquarters will carry out the preparation of materials and items.


4, storefront preparation

Headquarters staff is responsible for directing the stores to conduct a unified standard store decoration and store settings, including: store design, decoration, shop pre-publicity, the development of product purchase plan, store layout, product placement and so on.


5, joined the guidance

The headquarters will have the professional staff to the store manager, the sales consultant carries on the system specialized training, including the profession characteristic, the service standard, the store management, the advertisement dissemination instruction as well as the marketing plan and so on., Guaranteed the alliance shop quickly enters the operation, produces the profit quickly.


6, joined the acceptance

Before the formal operation, the headquarters of the franchisee acceptance of the preparatory work, and implement one by one in place to ensure that the opening of the smooth and successful. Acceptance of work include: acceptance of the decoration, equipment commissioning, the opening of the program and related promotional items acceptance, the staff in place the acceptance of the situation.


7, logistics and distribution

Headquarters will provide the first batching to the franchisee recommendations, shop preparation is completed two weeks ahead of time telephone notification headquarters shipments, the headquarters will promptly send the product to your designated address.


8, joined the follow-up

After the official opening of the franchise, the headquarters of the after-sales service and marketing guidance will be followed, and continuously to the franchisee to provide marketable new products, improve the exchange of goods, reduce the franchisee investment risk, regularly launched a unified promotional activities to give timely guidance and stand by. Including: Ms. Advisor training upgrades, promotional activities carried out to improve the management of the store, new products, new technologies, applications, and continuously enhance the sales of stores.


















1、Joining model of “Three items, two items not”

(1)Three items:

               Have a unified store image design, copy-writing planning targeted new store opening ceremonies, and headquarters         whole assistance to shop operation;

               Headquarters effective advertising support, and promote the image of the country within the market; 

               There are planning to improve the management of the market, set the regional protection, to ensure orderly competition.

(2)Two items not

               No franchise fees;

               No margin throughout.

2、Joining Process:

(1)Joining Advisory:

               You may consult the headquarters about joining through phone, QQ etc.

(2)Both sides negotiate:

               After the initial assessment, franchisees hold the valid certificates to the company headquarters, so the two sides negotiate, negotiate, inspect, and confirm intention to join, and then give a clear answer.

(3)Joined signing: 

               The two sides in line with the principle about mutual benefit, equality, voluntary, integrity and win-win, sign the franchise agreement to join, clear the responsibilities, rights and benefits of the cooperation. After signing the agreement, the headquarters should be continuously to follow up the later issues.