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乔治保罗品牌战略----BRAND STRATEGY of georgpolo



        georgpolo is France a set fashion hair styling, professional hair care, trendy nail, and elegant beauty and other services as one of the innovative brand, since its inception in 1975 has been focused on fashion hair and nail shape creation and innovation. Worldwide, georgpolo brand has a number of fashion chain modeling agencies, professional fashion stylist team and brand fashion styling series. In 1994, the French Crown Group Co., Ltd. (China headquarters in 1994 formally established) brand carrier, started the Chinese market brand campaign, the trendy design concept, intimate and comfortable, warm service, together with the introduction of mainland China market, become hair styling collar domain of brand innovation.

        After decades of development and growth, georgpolo in brand management, design concept and the style continuous breakthrough and perfection, will live with integrated fashion, individuality and innovation closely, followed by the times the pace of fashion, highlighting personality charm. georgpolo combined with everyone's actual hair, with skillful design techniques and novel design concept, find fashion and individuality of the connection point, in order to create a full of personal charm fashion hair styling, add personalized fashion colors for the beauty industry, for the customer's life increase a paragraph of wonderful memories and feelings!


品牌内涵--Brand connotation



        The courage to explore the beauty of life, and the perfect generous to show it, this may be another interpretation of life. Where there is life, more than innovation. The latest thing full of curiosity and enjoy a sense of unknown brought fresh joy, but also has reservations about the good old things, so as to carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future, and always maintain the vigor of youth.


        georgpolo make full use of the inherent advantages of multinational brands, will be the excellent culture of different regions, cleverly integrated into the current fashion design, combined with the actual customer personality style, showing a unique charm of fashion modeling.

        georgpolo brand has been working on the innovation of fashion hair to create, thought the beauty industry to add more novel color and fashion culture as their responsibility, for life to create a more beautiful and moving, this is George Paul brand connotation.

标识诠释--Logo interpretation


        georgpolo logo design, only with a mysterious and elegant atmosphere of the purple tone, so that people have a look at what the visual impact and aesthetic enjoyment, but also reflects the simple and generous design principles. From a distance see, neat and tidy, and full of romantic and elegant charm, highlight the improvement of brand integrity and innovation to create spiritual connotation; but take a closer look at the sign, can see the stability and change of the design style, and meticulous subtle detail processing. Sign eclectic profile, smooth and beautiful, neat and somewhat playful personality, the full expression of the Paul George "for the United States, the courage to innovation" is the essence of the brand, and "carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future, continuous innovation" brand purpose.