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法国品牌 乔治保罗®维多利亚 全球旗舰店


Georgpolo VICTORIA Flagship store


Georgpolo hairdressing - high brand flagship store


法国品-乔治保罗® 旗舰 主营:||纹眉|美容护肤

French Brand - Georgpolo Flagship store: Hair | Nail | Eyelash | Beauty



" Georgpolo " is committed to building hundreds of flagship stores around the world into the classic of "high quality life"



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标识诠                                              Logo interpretation



    georgpolo logo design, only with a mysterious and elegant atmosphere of the purple tone, so that people have a look at what the visual impact and aesthetic enjoyment, but also reflects the simple and generous design principles. From a distance see, neat and tidy, and full of romantic and elegant charm, highlight the improvement of brand integrity and innovation to create spiritual connotation; but take a closer look at the sign, can see the stability and change of the design style, and meticulous subtle detail processing. Sign eclectic profile, smooth and beautiful, neat and somewhat playful personality, the full expression of the Paul George "for the United States, the courage to innovation" is the essence of the brand, and "carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future, continuous innovation" brand purpose.

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