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1、Joining model of “Three items, two items not”

(1)Three items:

               Have a unified store image design, copy-writing planning targeted new store opening ceremonies, and headquarters         whole assistance to shop operation;

               Headquarters effective advertising support, and promote the image of the country within the market; 

               There are planning to improve the management of the market, set the regional protection, to ensure orderly competition.

(2)Two items not

               No franchise fees;

               No margin throughout.

2、Joining Process:

(1)Joining Advisory:

               You may consult the headquarters about joining through phone, QQ etc.

(2)Both sides negotiate:

               After the initial assessment, franchisees hold the valid certificates to the company headquarters, so the two sides negotiate, negotiate, inspect, and confirm intention to join, and then give a clear answer.

(3)Joined signing: 

               The two sides in line with the principle about mutual benefit, equality, voluntary, integrity and win-win, sign the franchise agreement to join, clear the responsibilities, rights and benefits of the cooperation. After signing the agreement, the headquarters should be continuously to follow up the later issues.


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