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服务与支持  ·   service and support















注重细节四—— 奉献感动








    女性消费者都有一颗细腻敏感的心,往往会凭直觉判别事物的好坏习惯于“只见树木不见林”。所以美发行业在造好一片林的时候,更要注重细节,不要忘了也许每一颗数、每一片叶子都会 左右一双的眼镜。



     Let the service move, that is, in the provision of services to be proactive, flexible and flexible, adhere to the sincere treatment, to action to pursue zero defect. Only in this new concept as a guide to a new attitude for customer service, in order to win the trust of customers and really support. Only let the service move to our actions so that customers moved; you move, I move, we move together, the quality of service can be improved.


Attention to detail one - convenient


    Beauty industry can provide customers with a full range of services.


Attention to detail II - sanitation and disinfection


    Beauty industry should establish and improve the strict health norms to ask the way to implement the responsibility of each person, and publicity posted in the hospital conspicuous place. For some customers the most sensitive places, such as beautician personal hygiene, floor health, wall health, showcase health, bathroom hygiene, beauty bed health, beauty equipment and supplies health, but also to have a specific and quantitative criteria.


Attention to detail three - intimate service


    In the beauty salon, intimate service is to use the mother's heart to customers as their most beloved baby the same treatment, the customer's problem at any time to maintain vigilance on the needs of customers without any attention, as customers want. Such as new products, new projects to promote, for customers are not familiar with the production of a "caring card", the operating procedures and the use of detailed instructions to help customers correct use.


Attention to detail four - dedication


    In the customer perception of the service level, higher than the satisfaction is moved. Beauty salon customers of all kinds, the president and beautician should be clearly aware that different people have different hearts, as long as the customer's mind to find the most soft place, you can use different ways of dedication are not the same move.


Attention to detail five - personalized service


    Beauty salons should have two customer profiles. One is the skin care files, the main role is to record the customer's skin condition, diagnosis and analysis of hospital care and so on. If you want to improve the details of the store service, you should make another file - the customer file, which includes all aspects of customer details, such as personality, family, work, personal preferences and taboos, spending power, Affect the individual's major events, as long as the beauty salon is beneficial to customer information, should be recorded in the deputy file, which requires beauty salons at all levels of personnel have been planned to enrich the completion.


    Female consumers have a delicate and sensitive heart, often judged by the intuitive sense of good or bad things used to "see the trees but not the .